Case Studies

Scottish Environmental Protection Agency Offices - Aberdeen

5 May 2011 8:32pm

Scottish Environmental Protection Agency Offices - Aberdeen

Specialist Corian® fabrication using Sublimation was used for the Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA) new offices in Aberdeen.

As part of a smart interior scheme for the lobby area of Inverdee House a reception desk has been permanently 'tattooed' with a 'Thistle' pattern that blooms upward across a fascia, under a recess and then continued over the top of the desk.

Interior Surfaces worked closely with Wagstaff Interiors to manufacture the reception desk in accordance with Keppie Design exacting standards.

Ross Gladwin, Sales Manager for Wagstaff Interiors Group, stated that the results achieved on this project were simply stunning

Tullow Oil

4 February 2011 4:37pm

Tullow Oil

Full construction of reception desk, breakout wall and bulkhead,  completely over clad in Corian® Glacier White with routered slots to allow light to filter through from LED's located behind. 

Interior Surfaces worked very closley with Peldon Rose Ltd, who specialise in office design and build.  Peldon Rose came to Interior Surfaces with visuals of the design required and were then shown a basic footprint of the room and reception desk, Interior Surfaces produced working drawings and 3D models using our TopSolid software.

Interior Surfaces using its own 5 axis CNC machine produced the complex moulds required, and used the thermoforming machine to form the complicated 3D shapes.

Interior Surfaces also worked closely with a LED lighting specialist, attaching the LED's to individual fins that were positioned to coincide exactly with the rebated slots that had been machined into the rear of the Corian®, which in turn formed an integral part of the desk structure.  The rear of the desk was designed with access panels in order to be able to service the LED's if & when required.

Remarkably the whole process from the initial meeting to the completion of the project took 4 weeks!

Gary Rhodes - Cumberland Hotel - W1 Brasserie

2 February 2011 5:39pm

Gary Rhodes - Cumberland Hotel - W1 Brasserie

Gary Rhodes W1 Brasserie at the the Cumberland Hotel used the versatility of DuPont™ Corian® "Ice" translucent range of material. Glacier Ice with a "art decor pattern" routered into the rear of the Corian® was used on the vertical panels. Corian® none translucent Glacier White was used on the horizontal tops.  Interior Surfaces also supplied the floating glass shelves featured in the back bar.

Interior Surfaces worked closely with an Interior LED light specialist who supplied RGB LED's to light up the front & back bar in continually changing colours & in order to portray different moods or ambience.

The bar was designed with all panels being able to be fully removed in order to service the electrics.